Tales of the Dark Tower

Scene 2

Prologue2: Strength and Death –
I never heard of a man comin’ back from the dead, but I see it in my nightmares. I have had to kill many men in my path for freedom, but most stay down…most. At least the dreams happen less often now. I never saw anything like I did that day, a fog rose from the ground during the middle of the day and with it came the solders; the ones I had killed, the ones that others had killed, raised up and fighting like no tomorrow.

Opening scene

Prologue1: Gunslinger –
Arthur Faust:
The trees sway in the slight breeze, summer is over and although the day is cool, the sun is bright. The limestone crunches under foot as I walk towards the train station. I’m exhausted, it’s like I haven’t slept in weeks; keep having nightmares about that day. I keep trying to remember what happened that day, I couldn’t have seen what I thought I saw, right? Am I losing my mind? He took a bayonet through the heart, no one could have survived that. He wasn’t the only one who got back up, there were others that got up and started fighting again too, weren’t there? My memories and the nightmares seem to be blending together. Something changed inside of me that day, I can tell that. I thought it was my imagination at first, but now I am sure. My guns are speaking to me, I guess they always did, but just not so directly. When I got them, I thought I was naming them, but now I realize it was them telling me their names. Veritas and Aequitas are extensions of my body; extensions of my mind. I point out targets to them in my minds eye and they deliver what my heart desires, whether it’s death or wounds. What I mean is:
I don’t aim with my hand, I aim with my eye,
I don’t shoot with my hand, I shoot with my mind,
and I don’t kill with my gun, I kill with my heart.

Not sure where I learned that, I guess my guns taught it to me. They also taught me another phrase, “do not forget the face of your father”. I think it’s strange that they give a damn, but it strikes home. Although I never really knew him, I respect my father for always making sure we were taken care of growing up. I’ve only met him 5 times in my life, so remembering what he looks like is something I have struggled with all my life. Now out of the blue he sends me a letter, just when I thought my military time was over. When I opened the letter, I thought I was a defector, now I find out I was just on leave. Captain Joseph Faust, of the Texas rangers, I wonder what this is all about.


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